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Laboratoires Cadentia - Perfumer Creator from 1945


Cadentia Perfumer Creator from 1945

For about 70 years, CADENTIA is established in the south of France, in Provence, overlooking mountainous of Garlaban with its lavender fields.

Since 3 generations, we create and manufacture Eaux de Cologne in France.

Our history was written around the Colognes, our main business. They offer fresh and timeless fragrances that have passed through the time for more than three centuries. At that time, we granted to these Colognes properties of wellness, relaxation and health…


We have over 70 years of expertise in blending original, niche fragrances.

Nowadays, we create Eaux de Cologne to suit our modern moving lives, using a selection of natural essences of fruits, flowers, herbs and essential oils among the purest in order to maintain an authentic quality, but offer modern art of Eau de Cologne.

We are the only small and independant french entreprise driven by 2 women with a private owned laboratory and a resident master Perfumer creating and manufacturing french Eau de Cologne for 3 generations. Agility and passion drive our way of serving our customers day after day.

Our creations are 100% French and elaborated since 1945 in Aubagne in the very heart of Provence.

You can now discover our different activities via our institutional website, our line Lilly en Provence on and our new line La Véritable with our website dedicated to this line